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Laura Lee Shearer - Artist

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Laura Lee Shearer

Laura is a professional artist focusing on portraits, pets, and landscapes in oil on linen and urban art done in acrylic.

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"I am on an art journey to explore all the joy and pain this world has to offer through words, color, composition, and brushstrokes."

About me

Laura Lee Shearer

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I returned to art after a long career as a middle school teacher and then a business owner. I picked up a paintbrush and loved how the color danced on the canvas as it listened to my soul.

But one can only get so far without the help and knowledge of others. I took lessons from wherever I could find them: the community art center, books, online tutorials, art studios, galleries, and Gage Academy of Art.

I sought out inspiration in some amazing places. Learning so much about light, value, composition, and art in general: but even more about myself.

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"I create my work from reference photos and video clips, in plein air, and live models."

Urban Art Design

Custom design of murals for interior and exterior surfaces.

Poems and Ponderings -

Blog Posts

Reflective writings about life, love, challenges, and triumphs, no matter how small or monumental

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Life is a cup that is filled with things that make us whole: love, friends, laughter, a great story, moments of joy, a sense of connection. Our cup can be depleted and leave us feeling empty. This is my attempt to help fill your cup with a few delightful tidbits.

Charities and Donations

Art does the world good. I'm spreading as much as I can.

These are some of my contributions and the groups I am proud to support.


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